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Realign your Career to 2020 Expectations

No sooner had the World Economic Forum established the specific skills set needed to survive in the 2020 workplace than it stated that “the problem is that none of these skills are easy to learn alone, online, or without effort”.

goldfish after career coachingEmotional intelligence and relationship management appear on the list as sine qua non for attaining top-ranking skills: complex problem-solving (#1), critical thinking (#2), and creativity (#3).

Career coaching would also appear to be the sine cure for professionals of all generations attempting to make the transition to the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution Workplace. Coaching is not a metaphorical crutch but a learning tool and a success accelerant that can no longer be considered as “optional”.

Top Ten Life Skills for 2020*Top Ten Coaching Benefits
Complex Problem SolvingUnblocks, unknots, unsticks; breaks down issues into manageable bits
Critical ThinkingAdjusts/opens new perspectives
CreativityBroadens horizons, releases options
People ManagementEnhances perception, negotiation
Coordinating with OthersPromotes strategic, empathetic, non-violent and goal-oriented thinking and behavior
Emotional IntelligenceEngages emotions to improve self-perception and social skills
Judgment and Decision MakingHones deep reflection
Service OrientationFine tunes balance of give and take
NegotiationFacilitates self-confidence
Cognitive FlexibilityEncourages "yes..and..." thinking and willingness to change

Learning is an essential lifelong process and “learning to learn” is its corollary best served by a proficient, established, trans-disciplinary career coach who

  • Is an active listener
  • Shows keen observation
  • Offers non-judgmental feedback
  • Focuses on clients’ goals based on client-purpose orientation
  • Has the ability to assist clients in reframing problems
  • Challenges the client’s status quo and self-perceived limitations
  • Reassures and encourages exploration
  • Functions as a dream catcher and reality checker
  • Offers the broadest personal and professional background as resources for the client
  • Has a strong moral compass