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Overcoming barriers in your career

Meeting Of Support Group. overcome barriers in your career with career coaching in Paris, Boury en Vexin, France

Improve your communication to achieve your goals

Do you have trouble communicating at your place of work? Are you worried that cultural differences or gender differences are behind your inability to get ahead in your career? Do you want to climb the corporate ladder but find yourself stuck behind where you want to be? Career coaching can help.

Setting your goals

The first step of coaching will be to discover your career goals and desires. Coaching will be oriented towards making a plan for success  by teaching you new skills and working on a strategy that you will carry out in order to achieve your career goals. Whether you are challenged by stress, workplace communication, cultural differences, the job search, or more, we will work together to create an action plan for your success.

Communications coaching for success

Sometimes the key to overcoming barriers in your career is learning to better communicate your needs and goals within your organization. Constance will instruct you in a proven four-step communication technique that you can use to negotiate a raise, ask for a promotion, and more.

Learn to speak your boss’s language

Constance will work with you on cultural communication. You will be instructed in speaking the language of your boss and co-workers. Learning to use the cultural cues and the vernacular of success will help you integrate more fully into your organization and overcome barriers in your career. We can practice communicating with the opposite sex, and learning to integrate with the corporate culture of your field or organization.

Play to your strengths

In coaching, we will create strategies that you can employ to use your skills and strengths to succeed in your workplace or job search. Learn how to represent yourself when communicating with coworkers and use personal branding to achieve better job search results.

Get started

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