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Improve your job search with career coaching

improve your job search with career coaching in Boury en Vexin, France , career coaching in Paris, FranceAre you feeling intimidated or overwhelmed by the job search? Not sure what job suits you? Are you unsure how to represent yourself in the best way? Career counseling can help you to build the skills you need for a successful job search or career change.

Constance Konold will work with you to use your strengths to better represent yourself to future employers.

Improve your job search with career counseling

Before you tear your hair out in frustration, you can come to career counseling to learn skills to improve your job search.

Show your strengths with your CV

Constance will share with you her proven strategy for creating a winning CV. She will teach you to represent your skills and knowledge as marketable experience on your CV.

Body language

Using her expertise with Neuro Linguistic Programming, Constance will teach you to use your body language to improve your communication.

Cultural orientation

Looking for a job in a foreign country? Constance will help you overcome cultural barriers and communicate your skills to your new employers.

Personal branding

Constance will work with you to present yourself in the best way possible in your job search. Coaching will involve development of networking and preparation for interviews, as needed.

Get help today

Don’t be discouraged by your job search. We can work together to to create an action plan for your job search. Call now or just fill out the form and click Send. Not currently looking for a job? Click here to read about how career coaching can help you.