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corporate coaching, executive coaching, career coaching in Boury en Vexin, FranceWhere did career coaching come from?

Career coaching developed out of the void left by corporate down-sizing, which has eliminated traditional in-company mentors. Because of the rapid personnel turnover in today’s workforce, career coaches have come to be a smart investment in an individual’s personal life and career.

Can coaching help me?

Both individuals and corporations can benefit from coaching. Call today to find out how coaching can help you achieve your goals. Read more about career coaching here.

What is coaching?

Coaching is an interactive goal-oriented process where you and Constance will focus on achieving your goals. Coaching is short term, but the benefits of coaching are long lasting. Coaching can help both individuals and corporations.

Constance’s role as your coach is to transform your knowledge into action and break through the information-to-action barriers that we all create in our brains. She can help you make improvements to your current career, or help you plan and execute your job search.

How does coaching work?

Coaching begins with an initial alliance-establishing appointment where we establish the overall mission of our coaching sessions. This appointment lasts of twenty to thirty minutes for  individual “coachees” or two to three hours with human resource people or management in corporate coaching situations to establish the overall mission.

If it is decided that the alliance is to be pursued, the rules of practice are explained in detail and a contract is signed for a personalized program.

We will progress through weekly appointments which can vary in length, according to your needs, which may range from 45 minutes to two hours. The number of sessions are usually 10 to 20 over a period of three to six months.  Once breakthrough has been achieved, maintenance sessions of once a month may be helpful to reinforce good, newly acquired patterns.

All coaching, be it individual or corporate, is hand-tailored to your needs.

Can coaching be done over the phone?

Coaching is at its most effective in face-to-face sessions but may also be conducted by telephone in certain instances, providing it does not represent a loss of value to the coachee-client.

How long does it take for coaching to have an effect?

It is considered that the first two or three hours of coaching are spent establishing rapport between the coachee and the coach.  It will take another three hours for the coachee to work up to speed. Breakthrough can normally be expected only after 8 or 10 hours, so this is considered the minimum time investment recommended for a coaching program.  Often it is advisable to renew for another 10 hours in order to insure the sustainability of the effort.

What is executive coaching?

Read more about executive coaching and corporate coaching here.

How does coaching work?

Read more about what to expect in coaching here or just call today.

Can anyone be coached?

The old adage that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink is definitely true with coaching.  After you contact me, I will conduct a careful assessment during our initial alliance-making meeting in order to determine our compatability.  The prerequisites for accepting a coaching mission are that the coachee manifest:

  • receptivity to new perspectives
  • openness to provocative questioning
  • resilience to confrontation
  • acceptance to move down a path toward goals and
  • have enough confidence in and respect for the coach to reach rapport.

How much does coaching cost?

As a rule, there are different fees for different types of coaching since some types involve more off-stage time for the coach. Fees also vary from country to country and city to city.  It can be safely said that coaching fees should be approximately on a par with consulting fees.

  • €100 ($120) for individual, private coaching of 45 minutes to one hour
  • €300 ($360) for corporate coaching of 45 minutes to one hour

Fees pertain exclusively to time spent with the client-coachee and any preparation time required.  Meetings with management are billed at the same rate as for the client-coachee.  No serious, professional coach will accept to coach without a written, signed contract and a commitment on behalf of the client-coachee to a certain minimum program, usually 10 sessions.  Travel expenses should be agreed upon by mutual consent prior to engagement.

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