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What to expect from coaching with Constance

career coaching in Boury en Vexin, FranceWhat is coaching?

Coaching is an interactive process where you work one-on-one with your coach to achieve an agreed upon goal. Coaching is practiced in the short-term but produces long-term, measurable, sustainable results.

As your coach, Constance will accompany you in identifying and attaining your vision, goals or desires.  Coaching will help you transform your level of awareness and responsibility in your life to positive actions and results.

Coaching can help at all stages of your career, whether you are searching for a job after a long absence from work, or looking to pursue advancement within your field.

How does coaching with Constance work?

We will first meet in order to establish the overall mission.  If you decided that coaching is for you,we will proceed through weekly appointments which can vary in length, according to your needs, from 45 minutes to two hours. The number of sessions are usually 10 to 20 over a period of three to six months.  Once we have achieved a breakthrough in your progress, you may find monthly maintenance sessions to be helpful in reinforcing good, newly acquired patterns.

How long does it take for coaching to have an effect?

In order to have the time to achieve the best results from our work together, I ask for a 10 hour commitment. Within this timeframe, you can normally expect to achieve a breakthrough in your progress.  Often it is advisable to renew for another 10 hours in order to insure the sustainability of the effort.

Can coaching be done over the phone?

Coaching is at its most effective in face-to-face sessions but we may proceed over the telephone in certain instances, providing it does not represent a loss of value to the coachee-client.

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