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Expatriation with full employment

Coping with a forthcoming expatriation to London was Karine’s first priority. Her husband’s company had offered him a good promotion to develop a subsidiary in the UK. They both recognized it as an excellent opportunity for them and their two small children; it would enlarge the family’s economic and cultural horizons. The drawback was that Karine would have to at least temporarily give up her career as the coordinator of and principal recruiter for a large educational program. She would also have to speak a language which didn’t quite master.

She came to me to help her anticipate and overcome the hurdles of integrating a new culture while speaking a foreign language and managing her time in a manner so as not to leave a gaping hole on her CV. We started off by properly closing doors in France, without locking them: she drafted her letter of resignation diplomatically, reassuring her company of her continuing interest in them and meeting all administrative obligations legally in the event she needed to return.

Through reading and role playing around the cultural habits and attitudes of the British as compared to the French, we explored underlying personal and national values. Dipping into a bilan de compétence, Karine identified talents and interests she hadn’t been aware of as having professional implications. She researched profiles of professions that met her competencies and expectations, learning how to read job offers critically and how to personalize her new best sales tool: a highly targetable, powerful CV conceived “scientifically” to catch the reader’s attention within the first seconds.

During her final coaching session, a strange thing happened: I realized that I knew of exactly the dream job she had profiled – in London! Karine hardly had time to unpack her belongings and settle her children in school in London before she started her new job as a part-time bilingual supervisor of an international business program. A year later, she had become indispensable as a marketing expert and recruiter.

Serendipity! It can’t be ordered, but, when it happens, it’s like magic.

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