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About Constance G. Konold, executive coach & career coach

Constance Konald, career coach, executive coach, France

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Are you looking for help changing your career path? Do you want to climb the corporate ladder but find obstacles in your way? Is your work environment making you unhappy? Career coaching can help.

Coaching can help your career and your organization

Constance G. Konold’s background includes over 20 years of international management for industrial and service companies in Europe, Africa and Asia. Constance offers:

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Constance is a consultant, lecturer and organizer of seminars and workshops  in English or in French on:

  • Executive Coaching as a Management Tool
  • Career Development: “Lifemanship©”
  • Personal Development: “Feng Shui for the Mind©”
  • Professional Creativity: “Leadership in the Louvre©”
  • Intercultural Discovery: “Bridging the Atlantic”
  • Non-Violent & Business Communications


Constance was trained as career consultant by Career Management Systems of Boston. She is a certified career and master NLP coach trained in Paris and London.

Starting from a solid base as manager and chief of staff for international corporate leaders, educators and diplomats in France, Malaysia and Africa over the last twenty years, Constance formalized her coaching skills as a response to market demand for multi-cultural coaches. Her aim is to accompany executives and educators through expatriation and relocation; company leaders and staff, individually or as teams, through expansion, down-sizing, mergers, take-overs or other major upheavals in corporate life; and all individuals facing personal challenges due to change (marriage, divorce, death, pregnancy, job loss, promotions, career re-orientation, higher education, etc.). Constance ‘s specialty is career coaching.

In addition to teaching master’s-level hospitality HR and communications at Eshotel Paris & London and supervision at the Académie International de Management (AIM-Paris), she is a guest lecturer at the Ecole de Savignac (Dordogne) and tutors ESSEC MBA students.

Constance is also skilled in the use of such progressive techniques as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and EMDT (Eye Movement Diagnostic Therapy).

Association and membership

Featured on Psychology EverywhereConstance is an associate of The Coaching Consultancy of London and Paris and L’Association Européenne de coaching (EMCC).

She is also a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), the European Professional Women’s Network and a Parisian network for coaching, marketing and creativity, “F in Success”.


Constance holds a Master of Arts in Teaching from the University of Notre Dame and a BA in French from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA).


Personally, Constance is deeply committed to on-going education in developing countries, often cooperating on the conception of customized executive education programs and approaches designed to fill specific needs in a rapidly changing and ever-challenging world.

Constance sponsors an association of women, ALMIS, dedicated to the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases in Cameroon.

Make your life a dream and your dream reality. – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry