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Learning by doing at Ecole Supérieure d’Hôtellerie (ESH)

learning by doingAs a member of the faculty at Ecole Supérieure d’Hôtellerie (ESH) in Paris and London since 2005, I have taught Strategic Human Resource Management and Managerial Communications in the Master of Hospitality Management program since its inception, and Cross-Cultural Management in the London South Bank University’s Master of Science, inaugurated in 2013.

In 2008, I initiated project-based learning – learning by doing – at the master level by creating the Project Management Program, a two-semester cursus that includes writing an academic research paper and a business plan in teams.
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The development of corporate coaching

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Build a stronger team with corporate coaching

The rapid development and acceptance of the coaching profession, beyond sports and music, is no mystery. It has evolved out of the void left by corporate down-sizing, which has eliminated traditional in-company mentors – senior persons who used to “groom” younger employees over the years for certain functions and responsibilities in the company. Now those traditional mentors are put into retirement at an early age and “grooming” is at best haphazard. This, combined with more rapid personnel turnover than in the past, has prompted management to seek the services of outside contractual professionals known as “coaches”.  Coaching has thus become part of corporate value-added strategy as well as a smart investment in an individual’s personal life and career.

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Super Job Search – The Book in French

super job search

Career Coaching Crossroads highly recommends, as a home-companion for any job search, Amercan consultant Peter Studner’s book “Super Job Search”, now in its fourth edition, or its French version, “Le Guide du CV, Guide complet du CV jusqu’à l’embauche”, available in France at the FNAC.

In the book (click here to get the book), Studner describes a 7-Step Program. The book takes the reader through:

  • Exploration of potential career paths and the job market
  • Self-marketing
  • Effective resume and cover-letter writing
  • Preparation for the interview face-to-face, on the phone, or in groups
  • Identification of the job market and research sources
  • Networking using LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and
  • Salary negotiations

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